Tips to start Bakery Business

There are thousands of families living thru Bakery business. Earning a decent amount of hundreds to lakhs, many individuals are getting into Bakery business to reach their goals and success.

Before getting into a bakery business, understand what is driving you go with the bakery business. How are you going to manage the entire FMCG business without a day off? Because this business sees cash flow everyday and every moment. And it’s not much different than a Hotel industry.

The most important aspect of having any business is to have proper knowledge and insights of the niche. It might be the people, place, Machinery, raw products etc etc. Go thru the following to get some of the basic information with respect to Bakery.


  • Look for a ideal location, since it has to be accessible to everyone.
  • Place has to be neat and Tidy.
  • Minimum of 900 Sq Ft is required to setup a decent Bakery. Because Equipments are supposed to be placed and Products are supposed to be displayed.
  • Also make sure the rent is affordable.


  • Head Chef – He supervises all the entire operations in the kitchen right from product preparation till Machine operation.
  • Assistant Chef – Basically he takes care of the preparation part in terms of Taste, Quantity and other operations.
  • Helpers or Suppliers – They will be responsible for the customer interaction and product supply.
  • Cashier – All the financial transactions will be solely held by the cashier and shall be liable for any transactions.


  • Ovens (Diesel or Electric) Deck oven or Rotating oven – Depending on the quantity of products being prepared on daily basis, you can decide the type of oven to be purchased. Kindly understand the process of both the Diesel oven and Electric oven from the purchaser before buying. 
  • Cake Mixers – They are essential equipment for a Bakery.
  • Display Counters – These are the counters which are used to display the products prepared in the bakery. Very often the products placed in the display counter attract more number of customers to the Bakery.
  • Chillers – This equipment is required in order to preserve the frozen products or cold based foods

Interior designing

  • Designs – The ambience is a important factor in attracting the customers. If the ambience is good enough, then there are chances that the customers might visit multiple times.
  • Colors – Keeping the bakery in a colorful manner will be a positive vibe for staff working and also for the customers who visits the business point.

Digital billing

  • POS – This is known as Point of Sale which keeps a track of the transaction and also a key point in getting the transactions electronically stable. Almost all business has got POS machines like the Swiping Machine which is a feasible way of transacting. This intern keeps the customer satisfied with the hassle free transactions.
  • Phonepe/Paytm/Google Pay/Amazon Pay etc – This is the ongoing trend in today’s market. Customers tend to transact business thru the mobiles payments which has got its own advantages in transactions. One of the main advantages is that the person need not carry cash and other one is that exact amount of money can be paid.


  • Traditional marketing
  • Digital marketing